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Ag Organic Springfield Illinois
  • Pelleted and Crumbled Poultry Fertilizer
  • A straight poultry manure product that has been dried, is weed free, and contains no bedding or fillers. 
  • Available in Pelleted or Crumbled Sizes 
  • Sold in 25 Ton Bulk or 22 One-Ton Supersacks

For current prices and to place an order,
please email, or call 616-566-0307.

Ag Organic LLC
Ag Organic Springfield Illinois
Ag Organic LLC

Features and Benefits

  • Very high source of nitrogen
  • Contains both slow and quick release nitrogen
  • A complete fertilizer loaded with micronutrients like Zinc, Boron, Sulfur etc.
  • Heat dried and weed free
  • No Bedding or Fillers in product
  • Very low moisture content so you are not paying for water
  • Easy to use and spread 3/16 pellet or crumble
  • Helps increase the holding capacity of soil moisture and nutrients especially in sandy soils. will help build Cation Exchange Capacity
  • Can apply as a broadcast or put “in place” when planting
Ag Organic Springfield Illinois


Ag Organic Springfield Illlinois
Ag Organic Springfield Illinois
Ag Organic Springfield Illinois
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